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Session 3: Picking over the bones

  Session was played on 03/8/2022 with PCs adventuring for 1 days. The PCs can make downtime requests and participate in sessions on and after 03/9/2022. Session Report: The third session of my online Aegyptus campaign was relatively short.  The party was composed of three returning characters, Fren (fighter), Victor (fighter), Laroux (thief), a returning henchman Balthazar (0-human).  The party was also joined by a new character Moon-Ra (cleric). Our newest player was referred to my campaign by Bdubs--DM of the "Dubsazon" campaign , which has been running for roughly 16 months.  Bdubs also plays DAP (Dawn Age Pervert), a patron in this campaign who was originally developed in my 5e Waterdeep game .  DAP was inspired by BAP (of twitter), and this tweet by Padre Brendon Laroche (official Patriarch of the BROSR): Bdubs told me that he was sending potential PC recruits my way because he wanted "more PCs to clown on" as DAP in the Aegyptus campaign (currently, however,