Session #1

I've been wanting to get this campaign off the ground for a little while.  I used the rules in ACKS to create a campaign map, and very loosely sketch in the setting (in line with BROSR doctrine, I've left things at a very broad level of detail, because the most important developments are the ones that occur during play).

At this broad level sketch, the "elevator pitch" for the Aegyptus campaign is "what if Caesar married Cleopatra--and she needed his help to defeat "The Scorpion King" in Southern Aegypt.

For the player's purposes, this is probably too much detail.  So I just told them "due to political turmoil, there has been a bonanza of tomb-raiding along the Nilus, and your characters are just here to try to get a piece of the action."

I had two players this session: Normie and Brigandine.  Normie's first character was "Gren" a cleric of Nauvirus, and Brigandine's first character was "Alchus" a fighter with the gladiator template.  The party set off from Ra Hafir (the starting town) for "The temple of broken heads"

Gren and Alchus explored the dungeon briefly and found a room with 8 wall graves containing 8 skeletons.  Alchus said "this seems like undead."  But they decided to poke around.  Unfortunately, the cleric failed to turn the skeletons.  So the first delve ended in a TPK.

It was still pretty early in the session, so I offered to let the players roll back-ups and give it another go.  Normie was now playing Fren (fighter), and Brigandine was playing Typhus (a cleric).  They left town and headed straight back to the dungeon and the room where their previous characters had died.  This time, the cleric's turn undead worked, and they killed the skeletons and looted 27 gold.  They then turned to the room on the opposite side of the hall, which had 7 wall graves, and apparently was the resting place of slightly richer Aegyptians.  They woke the undead.  Cleric #2 did not succeed at turning undead.  He died, while Fren the Fighter escaped (with a key they found), to return to town and "find another fool to go dungeon crawling with him."

I was still up for about 45 minutes or so of gaming at this point, so I asked if Brigandine wanted to roll a third character to take a third shot at the dungeon.  This time, he rolled a fighter.  So Fren and Victor went off for a third delve in the Temple of the Broken Heads.  Fren retraced his steps, and the two fighters killed the 7 skeletons and looted 126 gp worth of treasure from the room.

Surviving PCs Present:

- Fren, played by normie (10% xp bonus) level 1 fighter. current xp total: 144 + 119 = 263 XP
- Victor, played by brigandine (5% xp bonus) level 1 fighter. current xp 114 XP 

Deceased PCs:
- Gren, level 1 cleric, played by normie. Current XP total 0.  Killed by skeletons in session 1.
- Alchus, level 1 fighter, played by brigandine.  Current XP total 0.  Killed by skeletons in session 1.
- Typhus, level 1 cleric, played by brigandine.  Current XP total 0.  Killed by skeletons in session 1.


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